Brett Gardner Leaps Into Stands for Catch, Blue Jays Fans Perfectly Content to Watch Him Break His Neck (Video)

brett gardner leaps into stands gets no help from blue jays fans

Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner made a hell of a catch on Thursday night in Toronto. In the bottom of the third, Blue Jays second baseman Ryan Goins popped a ball foul down the third base line, right on the edge of the seats. So Gardner raced over, leapt into the air, and made the catch.

It really was a nice effort. Unfortunately, Gardner misjudged the hierarchy of passions in the souls of the Blue Jays fans sitting in the first few rows. He assumed that basic human decency would override the Blue Jays fans’ hatred for the Yankees, and that they would come to his aid rather than just stand there and let him break his neck. But Gardner was wrong. Jays fans were perfectly willing to watch Gardner seriously injure himself.

Take a look:

Those are some cold blooded gangstas. To be honest, I kinda love it. Jays Beard would certainly approve.

Now, can we get a shot of the exact moment Brett Gardner realized he was all alone and going down?

bett gardner face

Yep, there it is.

Opposing player better think twice before leaping into the stands for a ball at the Rogers Center.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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