Former Kobe Bryant Fan Shares Story About the Time Black Mamba Told Him to Go F*ck Himself (It’s Bad)

Kobe Bryant retirement

For the last sixth months everybody’s been waxing nostalgic about Kobe Bryant and how great he is. And that’s fine, because Kobe was one of the best to ever play the game. Let’s remember the pump fakes, the reverse layups, the championships, all that stuff. But let’s also keep it real and not gloss over the fact that Kobe could also be a pretty huge dickhead.

One former Kobe Bryant fan certainly isn’t glossing over this fact. A man who identifies himself as K. Lee got on Twitter this week and shared a story about how Kobe Bryant ruined his childhood. And, if the story he told is true, it’s certainly not hard to understand why he still holds a grudge.

Take a look:

Former Kobe Bryant Fan story fuck you 1
Former Kobe Bryant Fan story fuck you 2
Former Kobe Bryant Fan story fuck you3
Former Kobe Bryant Fan story fuck you 4
Obviously, we have no way to verify Mr. Lee’s story. However, we do know he’s been telling the same one for years now:

If he’s not telling the truth, he’s going for the long con.

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