Hit-And-Run Accident Involving Johnny Manziel Was Worse Than We Thought (Video)


Earlier this week, it was reported that Johnny Manziel was a passenger in a friend’s car that was driven into a pole on Sunset Strip. Both Manziel and the driver fled the scene, with the bigger story being that Manziel was picked up by another troubled football player, Josh Gordon.

Now, TMZ has pictures of the wreck, and it looks like Manziel is lucky to have escaped without injury. It also makes their fleeing the scene all the more damning. Every airbag in the car deployed from the impact, and the police are now looking into possible hit-and-run charges for suspected driver Ryan Silverstein.

Manziel, on the other hand, is not being accused of any wrongdoing by the police.  But it’s just another instance of the troubled free agent quarterback hanging out with the wrong people in the wrong places at the wrong times.

Here’s a video from TMZ:

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