Jay-Z Thought He Had the Ball from Kobe’s Final Game. He Didn’t. (Video)

kobe jay-z ball

Jay-Z is a pretty important guy in the world of sports. He managed to snag courtside seats to Kobe Bryant‘s final game and even met with the retiring star after the game.

Walking away from that meeting, he thought that he had the game ball. (Or, at least, A game ball. Not sure how many were used, and if the last one used was the official one.)

and we really left with the ball #vino #hov #blackmamba 60!!!! we see you @rquinn94 #LaRams

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 He didn’t. His friend’s Instagram conveyed as much, but according to a Lakers official (via FoxSports), Kobe held onto his final game ball, which would make a lot more sense.

But no one tell Jay-Z. Look how happy HOVA looks! 

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