LeSean McCoy, Lou Williams Beef On Twitter Caused By McCoy Hooking Up With One Of His Girls

Photo Credit to BSO

Photo Credit to BSO

On Wednesday, after Kobe Bryant‘s last game, Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy took to Twitter to call people that were hugging Kobe “clowns,” including Lakers guard Lou Williams, who he called “soft.” They went back & forth with each other, and McCoy even called Lou a woman beater.





The beef seemed to come out of nowhere until it was revealed that ‘Shady’ did some shady ‘Derek Fisher’ type things to Lou Williams, such as hooking up with his baby mama while the two were still friends.

Here’s Lou with two of his girls. The one in front is Ashley, whom LeSean hooked up with after they broke up.



LeSean & Ashley:



More images of Ashley:

Ashley-2 AShley-4

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