Liberty University Professor Sh*ts All Over Student’s Report on Retired NFL Superstar Ray Lewis (Pics)

ray lewis angry confused

You know what happens when university professors finally get tenure after putting up with years and years of idiot students, departmental politics, and bureaucratic bullsh*t? They finally start telling it like it is.

Unfortunately, “telling it like it is” sometimes leaves casualties.

Liberty University student Whitney McMahon knows what I’m talking about. She wrote a 10-page report about retired NFL superstar Ray Lewis for some stupid class or another (I’m going to guess it was communications or something), and her professor just ripped it—and Ray Lewis—to shreds.

How do we know about this? Because, like a true Millennial, Whitney shared images of the prof’s comments on Twitter before really thinking about the consequences.

Take a look:

liberty university professor ray lewis essay 2

liberty university professor ray lewis essay 3

liberty university professor ray lewis essay 4

liberty university professor ray lewis essay 1

In case you weren’t aware, Liberty University is a conservative Christian school. Obviously, Professor Badass adheres strictly to his employer’s moral code and is not willing to let his student gloss over Ray Lewis’ checkered past—including that murder rap in Atlanta and his propensity for knocking chicks up.

I can respect that.

As for poor Whitney McMahon, yeah, her Twitter’s gone and she’s definitely not passing that course now. Think twice before you post, kids.

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]