Pablo Sandoval’s Former Trainer Says Panda Needs Baby Sitter to Control Bad Eating Habits

pablo sandoval's former trainer baby sitter eating habits

Pablo Sandoval has always been a chubby guy, and nobody really cared so long as the Kung Fu Panda was producing. However, ever since he signed that 5-year, $95 million contract with the Red Sox, Sandoval made no effort to control his weight, and his play has declined dramatically.

Now the Red Sox have finally had enough. First they benched Sandoval to start the season, telling him he’s not going to start until he gets fit. Then they went and put him on the 15 day DL with a phoney shoulder injury so they don’t have to put up with his pouting.

Now an alarming new report from the Boston Herald suggests Panda’s struggles may be more serious than anybody realized.

The Herald got in touch with Pablo Sandoval’s former trainer, Ethan Banning. He worked with Sandoval in Arizona prior to the 2011 and 2012 seasons, and his stories are pretty shocking.

In 2011, for example, Sandoval put on 21 pounds during a three week vacation in his home country of Venezuela. When he came back, Banning did everything he could to keep his client out of sight. Panda was a free agent at the time, and if the Giants saw his dramatic weight gain, negotiations would have been over:

“I would go pick him up at a random location, drive him to the facility so that his car wouldn’t be there, so if they dropped in they wouldn’t know he was there. So for about a three-week period, he had the flu—we had every excuse in the world. We were just trying to rip weight off him again… I was coming in seven days a week, he was training three times a day on six days, and on Sundays he was training twice. It was that bad. I mean, it got out of control.”

Sandoval’s problem is not working out, Banning says. The guy has no problem going to the gym. The problem is eating:

“He needs to be smart enough to say there’s a problem. It’s like the alcoholic that won’t admit he’s an alcoholic: well, you can’t address that you’re an alcoholic if you don’t ever admit there’s a problem. He’s got to address that.

“He’s proven to me and shown consistently that he’s got to have somebody like me holding his hand doing that. And it’s not an exercise thing, it’s an eating thing. Obviously exercise is an important factor in it, a very important factor, but eating is going to be the component that needs to be managed and monitored. We had a chef on staff that cooked all his meals.”

So what’s the solution?

“You need the babysitter. Hey, that’s a pretty harsh statement. At the end of the day, I’m speaking truth…I love the guy.”

The truth hurts, man.

Hat Tip – [Boston Herald]

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