EBAY Users Selling Kobe Bryant’s ‘Air’, ‘Tears’, & ‘Poop’ From His Last Game

First reaction you might have to a bunch of EBAY users selling Kobe Bryant’s ‘Air & ‘Tears’ from his last game is, “Say what?” Then, “Damn, I wish I had thought of this.”

The hottest ticket in town was Kobe Bryant‘s last game vs. the Utah Jazz last Wednesday, when he scored 60 points.  So naturally, fans are looking for anyway possible to cash in on that affair.

That includes blowing air in a ziploc bag and selling it on EBAY as Kobe’s, because why the hell not:


Another one.

Another one.

Another one.


Maybe you’re a fan of liquid and want some of Kobe’s tears:

download (40)


How about some of Kobe’s excrement from his last game:

download (41)


Thirsty, maybe? How about some Water from Kobe’s last game:

download (42)



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