Bill Belichick Offers a Very Intense ‘Thank You’ for Fans’ Birthday Wishes (Video)

bill belichick

If you ever wanted a REALLY tight shot of Bill Belichick staring right at you and talking, you got your wish.

The Pats head coach took to Instagram to thank everyone for the nice wishes he got for his 64th birthday (which was on Saturday, in case you missed it).

He says that “When I’m 64” used to be a Beatles song, but now it’s his reality. I assume that was supposed to be a joke or something, but, honestly, it’s STILL a Beatles song. That hasn’t changed, Bill.

Take a look:

So many wonderful birthday wishes for Bill today! Sending many heartfelt thanks back to you all!

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It’s a nice enough gesture, but it’s a little hard to stare the coach in the face without thinking he’s going to eat you.

Maybe next time a written card or full-page ad thanking the fans will do. Or at least pull the camera out so his face isn’t 90% of the frame.

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