Clinton Portis Close To Being Evicted; Owes $6500 In Back Rent, Only Has $150 In Checking Acct

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The way former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis’ back account must be set up is separate checking and savings accounts, but all of his money is in his savings. So he’s gotta switch it to his checking, but it’s gone take 3 business days. (Catch that reference)

Clinton Portis made $43 Million in 9 seasons as an NFL running back, but today he only lists $150.00 in his checking account. In December, Portis filed for bankruptcy stating he owes over $5 Million to different creditors & family members.

“The former Denver Broncos running back listed his debt breakdown: $500,000 to his mother, $500,000 to a former football reporter, over one million to a mortgage company, nearly $400,000 to the IRS, more than $287,000 to MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and various other creditors.

Portis also said he also currently owes $412,000 in back domestic support to four different women.

His current monthly income is $7,500, but he has expenses totaling almost $13,000 a month.”

None of that matters to his landlord, Carbucci & Co., who states Portis owes over $6,500 in back rent. They filed documents demanding the judge allow him to kick Portis out of the North Carolina home he is currently renting.



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