Did Conor McGregor Just Retire on Twitter?: Internet Reaction & Wikipedia Update

UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz

Whether or not Conor McGregor actually just retired from MMA on Twitter is anyone’s guess.  What we can tell you with near-certainty is that the UFC featherweight champion was probably trying to stir things up on social media.  And he succeeded in doing just that with this single tweet:

No one has been able to confirm whether or not this is in fact a retirement announcement, or if there is some other underlying meaning to McGregor’s tweet.

Conor was at the Total Extreme Fighting event a couple of Saturday ago where Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho suffered a serious head injury that took his life just two days later. Some believe that incident could have caused the Irish fighter to contemplate whether or not it’s worth it for him to continue in the sport.

Hopefully we’ll have some answers soon.

Apparently not everyone was willing to wait for those answers, however, as one person has already updated McGregor’s Wikipedia page: Conor McGregor Retire Wikipedia Update  

Here’s how social media reacted to the announcement:

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