Johnny Manziel’s BFF Josh Gordon Was Also at Coachella, Staying out of Trouble, No Doubt (Video)

johnny manziel

While even his agent pleads/threatens him to get professional help for his troubles, Johnny Manziel decided the best way to show he’s a mature professional was by heading to Coachella. And he didn’t go alone. His gang of merry idiots included Ryan Silverstein (the guy who drove during the hit-and-run that he and Manziel fled) and Josh Gordon (who recently failed a drug test to get reinstated into the league and picked Manziel up after he fled the hit-and-run accident).

And while Johnny Manziel looked like a stylist dressed him for Coachella, Josh Gordon decided to do his best Pocahontas impression.

According to TMZ, Manziel was throwing back vodka Red Bulls, which is by far the most active alcoholic drink you can order.  So maybe he is serious about returning to the league.

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