Noah Syndergaard Pitch Hits Catcher in Chest, Brands Him with His Own Necklace (Pic)

noah syndergaard pitch leaves mark on mets catcher

Noah Syndergaard throws the ball hard. His fastball averages 99 mph and tops out at about 102. His slider, which he’s throwing about 10 times more this year compared to last year? That averages 92 mph and tops out at 95. And his curveball? That averages about 85 mph and tops out at about 87, which is about 10 mph faster than the average MLB fastball.

Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki doesn’t need any numbers to comprehend how hard Syndergaard throws. On Monday night in Philadelphia, Plawecki blocked a Syndergaard pitch with his chest. It was a curveball, it hit the dirt first, and Plawecki was obivously wearing a chest protector. But the damn thing still branded the cross and chain he was wearing underneath his uniform into his chest.

Take a look at this:

That is insane. Catchers are insane. Noah Syndergaard is unreal.

Thor ended up striking out eight Phillies on the night. It looks like his first one might have come on the pitch that scarred Kevin Plawecki. Take a look:

Man, how much do you think the Blue Jays wish they hadn’t traded Syndergaard for R.A. Dickey?

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