Red Sox Pitcher Apologizes for Beaning Player by Sending Him a Bottle of Liquor


It was a scary scene for a few seconds after Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright put an 87-MPH pitch square into the helmet of Blue Jays first baseman Chris Colabello on Sunday. However, Colabello was able to recover and take his base and Wright let the world know that it was all an accident, checking on Colabello at the end of the inning.

There were no hard feelings, and that was that…until Monday. It seems that Wright was so racked with guilt that he sent over a bottle of liquor to Colabello the next day.

The worst part is, we don’t know what kind of liquor it was. I hope it was something terrible like Malibu Rum or Rumplemintz, but I bet it was scotch. Apparently, pitchers sending gifts to players they bean isn’t a new development, so Wright was just sticking with tradition.

Hat Tip – [FTW]


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