Serena Williams and Her Guests Really Went All-Out for Her Costume Party (Pics)

serena costume

Serena Williams doesn’t seem like the type of person that would half-ass something. Like, if you heard she threw a costume party over the weekend (which she did, and TMZ got the pics), you wouldn’t expect to see her just wearing a sheet draped over her body as a ghost.

Nope. She went as a very convincing He-Man, but she may not have even been rocking the best costume.

Bryant McKinnie, a former NFL player, spent $600 to get all airbrushed as the Incredible Hulk. It’s a great costume, but I’m not sure that an Uber driver would let him in the car since he’d probably dye the whole backseat green. Maybe he had to walk to the party.

0418-bryant-mckinnie-incredible-hulk-instagram-3 0418-bryant-mckinnie-incredible-hulk-instagram-7

That’s Vernon Davis as the Mad Hatter, another inspired choice.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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