Conor McGregor’s Trainer Jokes (Maybe?) About Fighter Heading to WWE


Speculation is running rampant surrounding both Conor McGregor‘s cryptic retirement announcement and the fact that he has been pulled from the UFC 200 lineup. And without much comment from his camp or the powers that be, speculation will remain…speculative.

There was one comment from inside his camp, but even that seems to be something of a joke. Or is it?

This comes from McGregor’s trainer, John Kavanaugh:

New job uniform

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People were whispering yesterday that McGregor might be headed to the WWE. It’s a ridiculous thought, and one that certainly doesn’t jive with a retirement for health or safety reasons.  But it’s something to talk about, and his trainer’s post above doesn’t do much to dispell that notion, even if he is making fun of all the rumors flying around these days.

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