Yanks Outfielder Aaron Hicks Nails Guy at Plate with Record Throw Clocked at 105.5 MPH (Video)

aaron hicks throw 105.5 mph

Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks nailed Oakland’s Danny Valencia at home plate Wednesday night. And he did it with a record-breaking throw.

With the bases loaded and just one out in the top of the fourth, Yankees pitcher Nathan Eovaldi got A’s first baseman Yonder Alonso to pop out to deep left field, which more times than not would result in the runner on third scoring. However, Hicks positioned himself perfectly and fired off an incredible one-bounce throw that was clocked at an insane 105.5 MPH, and Brian McCann made a perfect tag.

Take a look:

That was the fastest throw by an outfielder since MLB’s StatsCast starting tracking them. And not by a little. The previous record was 103.1 by Carlos Gonzalez last September. Hicks’ throw on Wednesday beat that by 2.4 MPH, and it makes that 100 MPH throw by Kevin Kiermaier last year look downright pedestrian.

I think the Yankees just found their next emergency reliever.

If you want to here a bit more about the mechanics of making throws like that (and why outfielder make terrible BP pitchers), check out this segment from MLB Tonight:

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