Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter Taught Tiger Woods How to Talk to Women


I’m not sure how Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan would feel knowing that they supposedly taught Tiger Woods all his swagger with the ladies. I’m just kidding. I can guess how they felt. Being competitive womanizers, they probably felt great knowing that Woods managed to bag so many ladies at the expense of his marriage.

In this longform ESPN piece, it’s revealed that a young Tiger hit up a New York club with Jeter and Jordan. He watched them with awe as they worked the room, speaking with women all over the place.

Then, he asked them, “What do you do to talk to girls?” And they responded simply, “Go tell them you’re Tiger Woods.”

Here’s a transcript:

The sexual bravado hid his awkwardness around women. One night he went to a club in New York with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan. Jeter and Jordan circulated, talking with ease to one beautiful woman after another. (Both declined to comment about the episode.) At one point, Tiger walked up to them and asked the question that lives in the heart of every junior high boy and nearly every grown man too.

“What do you do to talk to girls?”

Jeter and Jordan looked at each other, then back at Tiger, sort of stunned.

Go tell ’em you’re Tiger Woods, they said.

It seems Tiger really took that advice to heart later in his career. I’m wondering if maybe he’s wishing he had gotten some different advice at a young age.