Pat McAfee ‘Randomly’ Drug Tested by NFL after a String of 4/20 Tweets

drug test

Pat McAfee is known to be a pretty funny guy on social media. Since he’s a punter, he pretty much has to be funny for people to know who he is, so it’s all likely a self-promotional tool as well.

However, after posting some innocuous jokes and musings about stoner holiday 4/20 yesterday, he’s been called into the proverbial principal’s office to undergo a drug test ASAP.

Judging by his response, and the fact that he seems like a responsible NFL player, he doesn’t appear to have much to worry about, but it’s borderline hilarious to see where the NFL’s priorities lie in the protection of its brand and its disciplining of the players.

Here are the silly tweets he shot out yesterday:

Those tweets resulted in this:

Why did they copy the notice on a Xerox machine from 1984? They couldn’t have just emailed him or something?

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