Video: Charles Barkley GUARANTEES the Warriors Will Beat the Rockets Without Steph Curry (They Didn’t)

charles barkley guarantees rockets loss fake hustle

With Steph Curry out for a second straight game, the Houston Rockets knew that if they had any hope of holding on against the Golden State Warriors, they couldn’t come out with a half-ass effort like they did during most of the season. They had to come out with guns blazing for Game 3 in Houston. And that’s exactly what they did, jumping out to an impressive 55-48 halftime lead.

TNT “analyst” Charles Barkley wasn’t impressed, though. During the halftime report, he called out the Rockets for what he called “fake hustle,” then predicted—nay, GUARANTEED—that the Rockets would wind up losing by 10 points.

Check it out:

Of course, as you probably know, the Rockets did not lose. They won by one point, 97-96.

Sir Charles didn’t just get burned by the facts, though. He also got destroyed by Houston Rockets CEO Tad Brown, who went full Mark Cuban on Chuck’s ass:

Barkley, lest you’ve forgotten, played the last three seasons of his Hall of Fame career in Houston.

Sick burn, Tad.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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