Two Poker Players Engaged in an MMA Fight, Wagering Over $100,000 (Video)

Poker Players MMA Fight

Sure, the pro MMA fighters get most of the attention and the money, but it’s the amateur guys who are really capable of making a spectacle. Pro poker players Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado took to the mats in a “friendly” fight that saw the former putting up $120,000 against the latter’s $150,000. Thus, Alvarado was the slight favorite to win.

That makes sense, since Alvarado had been casually training in MMA for the past five years or so. But judging from the pic, both guys seem to be in pretty good shape.

The fight ended in a TKO in the second round after underdog Busquet actually took down the more experienced fighter, netting the big purse.

Here’s the a prelude to the fight, which unfortunately didn’t get a functioning stream.

Hat Tip – [PokerNews]

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