Johnny Manziel Says He’s Working Out Every Day in the Mountains…No One’s Really Buying It (Video)

manziel mountains

A week after we saw Johnny Manziel running around like an idiot at Coachella while apparently hanging on to his NFL career by a thread, we now have the pleasure of catching up with him in a slightly more urban locale—Calabasas, the sleepy suburb of Los Angeles.

The folks at TMZ caught him leaving lunch and asked him about his training. He pointed to some nearby mountains, saying that he finds time to work out “every single day” despite his partying.

I don’t think people are as worried about his workouts or physical condition as much as they’re worried about the fact that he’s an overgrown man-child with moderate psychological and substance abuse issues.

But Calabasas is probably better than the Sunset Strip, isn’t it?

Oh, and once again we find Manziel hanging out with some of the worst people on the face of the planet. Who is this guy he’s with and why does he open his mouth?

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