Here’s Marshawn Lynch Building a School in Haiti, Like You Do When You’re Retired (Pic + Videos)

marshawn lynch building a school in haiti

Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement from the NFL on Twitter during Super Bowl 50. But the legendary NFL running back hasn’t just been sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch. So far it seems the guy has spent most of his time giving back.

In February Lynch held a football camp for kids in Oakland. In March he went to Egypt with American Football without Borders to work with at-risk youth there. And earlier this month he made an appearance at a charity event in Oakland hosted by Bill Clinton.

None of this is particularly surprising, given what we know about Lynch. Despite being a total enigma to the mainstream media, he’s got a reputation for being very generous with his time.

So what’s Marshawn up to now? Well, as it turns out, this week he travelled to Haiti to help build a school. And it wasn’t even for his foundation. He went with former Seahawks teammate Cliff Avril, whose foundation is building a school, hosting a medical clinic, and putting on a football camp.

Marshawn doesn’t care if his name is on the building. He just likes doing nice sh*t.

Gotta love it.

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