Mike Tyson’s Twitter Tribute to Prince Was a Little Weird, but Kinda Sweet (Pic)

Tyson Prince

Aside from all his myriad baggage, Mike Tyson seems like a pretty sentimental guy. And Lord knows he can make fun of himself. So it’s only fitting that his tribute to Prince on Twitter (You knew he was going to have a tribute to Prince on Twitter, didn’t you?) involved an odd, touching, and funny message.

Rather than explain the oddness, the touching-ness, and the funniness, I’ll just show you the tweet:

His earlier tweet was a lot safer and more traditional, but kinda boring:

I’m gonna call the riskier tweet a winner, but some people could say otherwise. #supertribute is a pretty bold claim, and putting your face on that of the deceased isn’t exactly reverent in a traditional way. But I’m guessing his heart was in the right place, and Tyson making fun of his own lisp is pretty damn humorous.

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