Russell Westbrook Pre-Game Dance Goes Down Without a Hitch Thanks to Added Security from Mitch McGary (Video)

Russell Westbrook pre-game dance

On Monday night, prior to Game 2 between the Thunder and Mavericks in Oklahoma City, Russell Westbrook and Charlie Villavueva started one of the silliest fueds in NBA history.

Westbrook was doing his elaborate pre-game dance with teammate Cameron Payne when Villanueva walked up and stood right in between them. So Westbrook rather dramatically shoved him out of the way. Then, after the game—which OKC lost—Kevin Durant called Villanueva’s interruption some “fake sh*t,” and Westbrook said “that’s for guys that don’t play.” To which Villanueva responded, “if you want to go dancing, go to a nightclub.”

Again, all this animosity started over two grown men doing a goofy dance and another grown man walking up and intentionally interrupting them.

Unfortunately, things did not escalate on Thursday night in Dallas. The Russell Westbrook pre-game dance went down without a hitch in Dallas…thanks to a little extra security from the Thunder’s Mitch McGary, who did not dress for the game and was wearing, appropriately enough, a navy blue suit.

Check it out:

Personally, I wish there had been another confrontation. If these guys are going to get upset about a stupid little dance, they might as well go all the way. Throw a few punches, maybe wrestle somebody to the ground. That kind of thing. Make it worth everybody’s time, you know?

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