Tiger Woods Hits 300-Yard Drive at Golf Clinic, Could Be Close to a Return (Videos)

tiger woods

Yesterday, the big news was that Tiger Woods had fallen from grace, Michael Jordan was worried about him, and he might never be great again. Proving that you can use the 24-hour news cycle to your advantage, it’s a day later, and people are talking about Tiger being primed for his comeback.

During his appearance at a clinic at Sage Valley, the PGA icon started smacking some balls around, and asked the crowd not to photo or film him. Of course, they did anyway, and we’ve got an array of golf shots that will get fans excited.

He was hitting drives pretty consistently at around 300 yards, even with fans yelling out the requisite “mashed potatoes!” He even busted out the two-iron as well. He was able to go for a while, suggesting that maybe we’ll see Tiger sooner rather than later.

Here are the clips. Enjoy them. They’re pretty cool.

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