Mavs C Salah Mejri Wonders If Durant Has ‘Balls’ Enough To Go At Someone Besides Rookies


On Saturday, the Oklahoma City Thunder took a 3-1 lead in their series vs. the Dallas Mavericks, winning Game 4 by a score of 119-108. Kevin Durant shot 7-20 from the field and ended his night by getting ejected for slapping Mavs SF Justin Anderson across the head with less than a minute to go in the game.

After the game, Durant said he apologized to Anderson, but that didn’t matter to Mavs C Salah Mejri, who ranted after the game about Durant and his cheap shots.

Via Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News:

“KD elbowed me last game and he just got a tech. Elbow is not a tech. Elbow on purpose? I don’t think the team got anything from that tech,” Mejri said.

“I saw when he slapped Justin. I think the league has to take under consideration what he did last game and what he did this game. I mean, elbow, then he slapped Justin. I don’t know why he’s coming after two rookies, you know?

“Why doesn’t he do this against other players? If he’s got balls, then he has to do that. He knows that we tried to stay focused on the game and we are not about this hitting and doing these things,” Mejri added.

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