Josh Norman On The Panthers: ‘Good luck With Julio [Jones] and The Big Twin Towers In Tampa”

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Former Carolina Panthers CB Josh Norman, after signing a huge deal with the Washington Redskins, is speaking out against his former team because he felt blindsided when they rescinded his franchise tag.

According to a report from ESPN’s David Newton, it sounds like Norman wanted to stay with the Panthers by signing the franchise tag last minute, but the Panthers quickly took the deal off the table.

“If I would have known, we could have come to some kind of agreement to where, all right, if this is the case, let me get this out of the way and we can work on something different. I didn’t know all that went down like it did. If would have known that, of course I would have liked to have stayed there. Why would I want to leave there?”

“I asked [Gettleman] what was up. Shoot, I dedicated all my life there, put in blood and tears. … He was like, ‘Yeah, man. I’m sorry. Your agent is a reflection of you.'”

“Then again, it goes to show how much they value me,” he said. “I kind of got a little read into it when they talked about who their core guys were and I wasn’t mentioned in that core.

“So, shoot, man, it started all setting in my mind to where I never would have been there [long-term] anyway.”

Norman then took a passing shot at the Panthers, saying (emphasis ours), “It sucks it had to come down to this when I didn’t know anything about it. Hey, man, I gave it my all. We’ll see this year how it plays out for them.Good luck with Julio [Jones] and all the big twin towers [Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans] over there in Tampa Bay.”

Shots fired is an understatement. We’ll see how it works out for both teams, especially when the Panthers visit Washington to play the Skins on December 19th.

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