Steph Curry Accidentally Punched a Ref in the Head (Video)

Curry punch

If you ever wanted another reason not to get overly emotive during the course of a game, take cues from this clip of yesterday’s Warriors-Rockets game. Steph Curry got the ball on a fast break, ran the floor, and put in a layup while drawing the foul. He immediately celebrated by giving a fist pump to no one in particular…

Or so he thought.

That fist pump happened to go straight into the head of the referee, who didn’t react much, but gave a good flinch upon getting punched in the face.

Here’s the clip:

He didn’t get called for the accident, but karma may have intervened as he tweaked his knee at the end of the first half and never returned. His prognosis for the rest of the playoffs is unknown.

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