Everton Fan Starts a Fight with an Innocent Man U Fan, Gets KO’d (Video)


If you want to see some good ole’ stereotypical soccer hooliganism, you came to the right place. These guys are sitting around before the game, chanting their gibberish peacefully when all of a sudden an animated Everton fan starts hopping around, shoving people, namely some Manchester United fan just standing there with his hands in his pockets.

Fortunately, he gets quickly decked by…some other Man U fan, and the next time we can make out his blue t-shirt, he’s falling to the ground, where he stays for a while.

Here’s one look at the knockout blow:

And here’s another angle:

The blue smoke is a nice touch, isn’t it? You just get the feeling something terrible is going to happen when you see fans setting off smoke bombs.

This might not even be the worst display we’ve seen from an Everton fan.

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