Mike Tirico To Leave ESPN after 25 Years To Head To NBC

mike tirico

Mike Tirico, one of the most familiar faces on ESPN, will be packing up and moving to NBC in an unknown capacity. Normally, it would be easy to assume what role a new personality would play with a network, but Mike Tirico did so many different things for ESPN in the way of announcing, studio hosting, and even reporting that it’s not immediately clear where he’ll focus.

It’s unlikely that Sunday Night Football needs another cook in the kitchen, but anything’s possible.

However, there are rumblings that he might be the voice of their limited Thursday Night Football package this year, which might be a step down from the Monday Night Football position he had been occupying for ESPN. He may also serve as Bob Costas‘ eventual replacement as host of the Olympics after Rio, though that’s just conjecture. And while Al Michaels will be 73 when his MNF contract expires in two years, it’s possible that he’d stay on for more, given how well he’s doing at that post.


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