Dude Watches Hockey For the First Time, Live Tweets, Is Now an Internet Sensation (Tweets)

Chicago Blackhawks v St. Louis Blues - Game Seven

Anyone who watches hockey knows how exciting the games can get during playoff time, when everything seems to be happening in fast-forward and nearly every whistle is followed by a skirmish.

Twitter user Tony X had never experienced the joy of watching NHL playoff hockey until last night, when he tuned in to watch the St. Louis Blues eliminate the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 7 of their first round series.

Tony X live Tweeted the entire experience. It was awesome. And now he’s famous.

In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of Tony X’s experience:

Once the Blues finally won, 4-3, it was time to celebrate:

How much did Tony X enjoy his first hockey game? Enough to make him want to buy the NHL 16 video game:

Why exactly did Tony X decide to suddenly start watching hockey?

Good thing he caught the Blues game, and not the Cards, because now he’s going to Game 3 of St. Louis’ second-round series vs. Dallas, courtesy of the Blues:

And, as we mentioned earlier, now Tony X is internet-famous:

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