Women Sportswriters Listen As Men Read Mean Tweets About Them: ‘I Hope You Get Raped Again’ (Video)


Welcome to the social media era where being somewhat anonymous on the internet gives people the courage to say whatever they want without repercussions.

Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro are both sportswriters who teamed up with the podcast  Just Not Sports to get a first-hand account on just how bad the tweets can get.

Via Jezebel:

“This is why we don’t hire any females unless we need, uh…” one of them reads, hesitantly. He rubs his forehead and laughs uncomfortably. “Unless we need our dicks sucked or our food cooked.”

“Hopefully this skank Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby’s next victim,” another reads, haltingly. “That would be classic.”

“I hope your boyfriend beats you,” one reads to Spain. He looks actually stricken, adding, in his own voice: “Sorry.”

 “I have to read all of them, right?” another asks, squirming in his seat. He does so, reluctantly: “I hope you get raped again.”

“Oh,” DiCaro responds evenly.

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