Hero Dog Interrupts Copa Libertadores Game Between Deportivo Táchira and UNAM to Give Players Doggy Kisses (Video)

Dog Interrupts Copa Libertadores Game deportivo tachira UNAM

Venezuelan soccer club Deportivo Táchin knocked off Mexican club UNAM 1-0 in the first leg of their Copa Libertadores round of 16 matchup on Tuesday. That’s a pretty big deal for folks who follow South American club soccer, seeing as how Deportivo is the no. 15 seed and UNAM is the no. 2 seed.

However, those of you who don’t follow South American club soccer—so, most of you?—probably don’t care who won the actual game. You just want to see the video of a dog running around on the field during the match trying to find somebody to play with.

Take a look:

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The game was being played in San Cristobal, Venezuela. Seeing as how the dog’s favorite human was playing for the visiting team, I have no choice but to conclude that this was some sort of conspiracy set in motion by Deportiva to distract UNAM and get them off their game. And obviously it worked.

UNAM shouldn’t be upset, though. We’ve seen dogs run onto soccer fields and do worse. Way worse, in fact. They should consider themselves fortunate that this field was invaded by the happiest dog on earth.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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