Rugby Player Misses Semifinal for Family Emergency, Caught Partying in Vegas with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Instead (Pic)

If you tell your boss you can’t come to work because of a family emergency, don’t go party in Vegas with an incredibly famous soccer player.

This, hilariously, is something Argentine rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni learned the hard way this week.

Castrogiovanni plays for French club Racing 92. On Sunday, the team played an important Champions Cup semifinal game against the Leicester Tigers on Sunday. However, Castrogiovanni wasn’t there. He had been excused by the club after telling them he had a family emergency to take care of back in Argentina.

Unfortunately, there was no family emergency. Or if there was, Castrogiovanni wasn’t taking care of it. Because he was spotted in Las Vegas, partying with international soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Check it out. That’s Zlatan in the hat and shades. Castrogiovanni is the shirtless dude who looks like a rugby player:

rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni caught partying zlatan ibrahimovic

In the olden days a guy could get away with this. But not anymore. If an athlete is partying in Vegas when he shouldn’t be, his team is going to find out.

Just ask Johnny Manziel.

As for Martin Castrogiovanni, officially he has been suspended by Racing 92 pending the results of their investigation. Unofficially he’s never going to play for that club again.

What a dumbass.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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