Odell Beckham’s Liked Drake Since His ‘Degrassi High’ Days (Video)

Odell Beckham Drake Fan

Now, beware the source of this news, as it comes from a Draft Kings-sponsored interview…but in it, young NFL sensation Odell Beckham shares that he’s been a Drake fan since back in the days when the rapper was a star on the Degrassi High TV series.

Speaking about Drake, Beckham said, “So to see his whole story and then to finally be able to meet him, and a guy like that whose mindset is very similar to mine … I understand where he’s at.”

Here’s the interview:


About a month ago, OBJ headed over to London, where he got to meet Drake, and Drake put on his toughest face for the camera:

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Beckham has said he was living at Drake’s house during the offseason and thinks they’ll be besties forever…And ever.

““I think we’ll be friends for this lifetime, the next lifetime.”

I wonder if Drake feels the same way.

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