Rob Gronkowski Unveils the Keys to Having Success on Tinder

Gronk Tinder

Rob Gronkowski probably owes much of his Tinder success to the fact that he’s Rob Gronkowski, but the lovable Patriots tight end also has a couple of other secrets to his success on the dating app.

ESPN’s Sam Alipour recently did a story on athletes and their use of social media to get with chicks.  Of the many athletes Alipour spoke to on the subject, one of them was Gronk (of course).

Here’s some of the advice Alipour received from the hard-partying Patriot (via ESPN):

Patriots star Rob Gronkowski tried Tinder four years ago just for laughs, he says, “and I was matching like crazy!” I tell the “chickmagnet4life” — seriously, that was his AIM screen name — I’m not faring as well. It hits him like a bolt of lightning. “You’re not killing it?” Gronk says. “You’re not doing it right.” The tight end offers two fixes: First, make like Mozgov, “Swipe right on everything. Get the ball rolling.” Second, make like Dangerfield, “Make them laugh. Just Google ‘Tinder pickup lines.'” (Sample: You must be a dictator, cuz I have an uprising.)

There you have it, Tinder users!  Swipe right on everything and make sure you have your Google browser open at all times.

If you’d like to see how other athletes are using social media to pick up members of the opposite sex, you can check out Sam Alipour’s entire article here.

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