Shaq and Charles Barkley Introduce New Dance Called ‘The Gorilla Dab’ (Videos)


Last night’s slate of NBA playoff games consisted of Toronto vs. Indiana and Boston vs. Atlanta, so needless to say, the hosts got just as restless as fans of good basketball did.

And while they were holding down the fort at Inside the NBA, Shaq and the Chuckster discussed dancing, which culminated in “The Gorilla Dab,” a dance that, as you’ll see, is very, very well-named.

Here it is. Shield your eyes:

Chuck gave it a shot, too, with far less success:

The dance was named because Shaq thought he had the features of a sexy gorilla, which…no argument here. That’s a pretty good description of Shaq’s allure, and it’s nice to see that he notices it.

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