Adam LaRoche Would Like to Remind You That Today Is Take Your Child to Work Day (Tweet)

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Hey, remember when White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche quit baseball because the White Sox told him he was no longer allowed to bring his son to work every day? That was funny, huh?

Well, I bring this up because Adam LaRoche has something important he’d like to tell you:

That’s right. Apparently today is take your child to work day. If you have kids and they’re not sitting next to you right now in your cubicle playing with a stapler or some shit, you’re a bad parent and God probably hates you.

JK. God probably doesn’t hate you.

Back to LaRoche’s tweet, though. It’s unclear if he was trying to be tongue-in-cheek, or whether he really, earnestly wanted us all to know this. What I do know is that there was no way LaRoche was going to wade into these waters again without taking a few shots across his bow from disgruntled White Sox fans.

Sure enough…

Personally, I have no problem with LaRoche quitting baseball because he wants to be with his family. But I do have a problem with idiot players who think players should be allowed to bring their kids to work every day.

If you are a professional baseball player, baseball is your job. And like all jobs, this one has rules. If LaRoche would rather walk away from $13 million than follow those rules, that’s cool. In fact, it’s admirable.

But don’t act like the boss is a jerk for insisting that a $13 million employee focus on doing his job during work hours instead of parenting. And don’t expect fans not to be irritated when a player just quits over a privilege that 99.9% of us will never enjoy.

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