BREAKING: Ezekiel Elliott Fined By Roger Goodell For Wearing Crop Top at NFL Draft

Ezekiel Elliott crop top 2

Ezekiel Elliot isn’t even officially in the NFL yet, and already he’s been fined by the NFL’s evil Czar, Roger Goodell.

The reason for the fine is quite obvious: Elliott broke a uniform violation when be wore a crop top to tonight’s NFL Draft in Chicago, Illinois.  According to NFL rules, players are to keep their midriffs covered up at all times when walking along the red carpet during entry drafts and award ceremonies.

Here’s the photo evidence of Elliott’s uniform violation:

Ezekiel Elliott crop top 1

As a result of his violation, Elliott has been fined $10,000.  A second violation carries with it a $25,000 fine, and a third strike would bring about a one-game suspension.

When asked about the fine, Elliott didn’t seem too concerned. “Did you see Jerry Jones looking at my abs?” he asked reporters.  “Exposing my six-pack probably bumped me up a spot or two in the draft.  That right there is worth way more than 10,000 measly bucks.”

As for Goodell, he didn’t seem too pleased with Elliott’s actions.  “If he’s going to play in my league, he’s going to have to learn to dress according to my rules,” the Commissioner said.  “And that means, ABSOLUTELY NO MIDRIFF EXPOSURE!”

Better cover up, Ezekiel!


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