BREAKING: Laremy Tunsil’s Initial Contract Demands Include a Pound of Weed

NFL Draft

The Miami Dolphins knew what they were getting when they decided to draft Laremy Tunsil with the 13th overall pick in the NFL Draft, just hours after a video of Tunsil taking a bong hit was posted on the Ole Miss OT’s Twitter account.

The Miami Dolphins said they have no problem with Tunsil’s love for the green.  Once Laremy caught wind of that news, he quickly called his agent and told him to find out if the team “would be willing to throw in a pound or two of some killer bunk.”

When asked about Tunsil’s early contract demands, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase claimed the team was ready for this sort of demand:

“We knew he’d be interested in being paid in marijuana.  That’s the main reason we drafted him.  We figured we could pay him at least 50% of his rookie contract in weed.  And best of all, marijuana doesn’t count against the cap! They only care about the other green!”

Being drafted 13th overall, Tunsil would usually make a rookie salary somewhere around $10.5-million.  The Dolphins are hoping to pay him approximately $5 million in cash and 1,200 pounds of their finest sticky icky, instead.


***Parody Post!!! It’s Not Real!!!***

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