Gatorade Releases ‘Dear Peyton’ Ad, Spotlighting the Many Letters the QB Wrote (Video)

dear peyton

Peyton Manning wrote a lot of letters while he was playing in the NFL. More accurately, he responded to a lot of letters written to him by fans. Further, he seemed to actually communicate with other players and coaches via written correspondence as well. It goes without saying that such a practice is a rarity in the electronic world, especially among athletes.

Gatorade, in an effort to honor their spokesman‘s retirement, has produced a video called “Dear Peyton” that shows people, famous and not, reading letters that Peyton had written to them over the years. The whole thing is pretty moving, and it’s nice to see a side of Manning beyond the pitchman we know (even if this is being used to pitch Gatorade).

Check it out here:

And in case you’re wondering who these folks in the video are, here’s a roster of names that appear:

  • Tony Dungy, Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
  • Jon Scott, Indianapolis Colts Equipment Manager
  • David Cutcliffe, Former University of Tennessee Quarterback Coach & Current Duke Head Football Coach
  • Pam Frenzel, Mother of Tyler Frenzel who was treated at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital
  • Jeff Saturday, Former Indianapolis Colts Teammate
  • Eli Manning, Brother
  • Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos Teammate
  • Derek Jeter, Former New York Yankees Shortstop
  • Brandon Stokley, Former Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts Teammate
  • Archie Manning, Father Chris Mortensen, Journalist
  • Chris Mortensen, Journalist
  • Brandon Washington, PeyBack Foundation Scholarship Recipient

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