Islanders Coach Takes Puck to the Face During Game 1 Against Lightning (Video)

islanders coach takes puck to the face jack capuano puck to the face game 1 islanders lightning

Scary moment during Game 1 between the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning last night. Islanders coach Jack Capuano took a puck to the face.

The incident occurred midway through the third period, right after the Lightning had scored to cut the Isles’ lead to 4-2. A Tampa player brought the puck up through the neutral zone and tried to fire it into the New York zone upon reaching the red line. However, the puck deflected off an Islanders player’s leg and ricocheted to the Islanders bench, where it struck Capuano right in the nose.

The Islanders bench was immediately concerned. Take a look:

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Fortunately, Capuano returned to the bench about seven minutes later, sporting a gash on the schnoz:

jack capuano puck to the face

Here’s a better look at the damage from the post-game press conference:

islanders coach takes puck to the face jack capuano puck to the face post-game press conference

Some observers noted that Capuano only returned to the bench after the Lightning scored again to make it 4-3, thereby implying that Capuano might have just remained in the locker room had the game not become so close. But I doubt that very much. I think Capuano was going to return no matter what. After that badass five-year-old from San Antonio took a puck to the head, went to the ER, got his head stapled shut, and then returned to the arena for the end of the game, Capuano would never have lived it down if he didn’t get his ass back out there.

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