Melo says He Is A Better Scorer Than Steph Curry and LeBron (Video)


When it comes to college success, New York Knicks SF Carmelo Anthony has a National Title under his belt. Something Steph Curry couldn’t do, nor could LeBron James (clearly, because he went straight to the NBA from high school). When it comes to NBA success, Carmelo is way behind what LeBron (2 Titles, multiple MVP’s) and Steph (1 title, 1 MVP) have accomplished up until this point of their careers.

One thing Carmelo believes he’s better at is scoring, according to him. While appearing on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’, he had this to say.

Dan Patrick: “Are you a better scorer than LeBron James”

Carmelo: “I believe so”

Dan Patrick: “Are you a better scorer than Steph Curry”

Carmelo: “I believe so. I always have that mindset…When it comes to being on that court I don’t think anybody is better. That’s my mindset,” Anthony explained.

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