Pickless Patriots Troll NFL on Social Media During First Round of NFL Draft (Pic)

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The New England Patriots did not have a pick in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. But it wasn’t because they traded it to somebody else. No, the Patriots did not have a pick because Roger Goodell took it away as punishment for letting air out of footballs at the 2015 AFC Championship Game.

What you think about this probably depends on where you live. If, for example, you live in New England, well then this is obviously a grave injustice, and the poor Patriots are innocent victims in Roger Goodell’s diabolical Deflategate witch hunt.

If you live just about anywhere else, you probably think it’s awesome.

That’s not to say you like or agree with Roger Goodell. Nobody likes or agrees with Roger Goodell. But if you live outside New England it is literally impossible to feel sorry for the Patriots. And even if you think they didn’t deflate footballs at the 2015 AFC Championship Game, you probably still think they deserve to lose their pick for all the other times they were a bunch of lying, cheating, scumbags.

The Patriots, though, were not about to just sit there and watch the first round of the draft without making a peep. So at 8pm ET, right as the draft was starting, they posted this on Instagram:

Oh, and they also made it their Twitter avatar:

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The message, it would seem, is two-fold:


2. We don’t need your stupid first round draft pick to find a winner!

You know, because they drafted Brady in the 6th round.

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