Urban Meyer Left Hanging by Darron Lee at 2016 NFL Draft (Video)

urban meyer left hanging by darron lee at 2016 nfl draft

Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee was selected by the New York Jets at 20th overall on Thursday night, and Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer was right there to congratulate Lee with a big ol’ high five after Roger Goodell read his name.

It should have been a nice moment between a player and coach. Buuuuut it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, Lee was not nearly as eager to celebrate with Meyer as Meyer was eager to celebrate with him. As Meyer’s hand went up for the high five, Lee stopped to give some other dude a hug, leaving Meyer hanging there.

Meyer did the best he could to play it cool. But there’s only so cool you can play this kind of thing, so he still looked super lame.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s awkward.

Forget Laquon Treadwell‘s adorable daughter or Ezekiel Elliott’s interesting fashion choice. Urban Meyer left hanging is my favorite moment from the 2016 NFL Draft.

Hat Tip – [The Cauldron]

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