Carson Wentz Booed By An Eagles Fan For Not Giving Him An Autograph (Video)


Philadelphia Eagles traded 5 picks and a Rocky statue to get the #2 overall draft pick from the Cleveland Browns which turned into QB Carson Wentz. Eagles fans are notorious for being tough on…Well, everything. Eagles fans would boo the waterboy if they thought he wasn’t hydrating the players well enough.

Carson Wentz arrived in Philly on Saturday and he didn’t have to wait too long to hear boos from an Eagle fan as one of them greeted him at the airport and boo’d him because he wouldn’t sign any autographs.

“Come on, you won’t sign for a season ticket holder?” one fan exclaimed in the video captured by CBS 3 Sports Director Don Bell. “Come on Carson, you’re better than this,” another said.

Here’s the end of the clip where he gets boo’d:

Here’s the entire clip:


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