Former D-League All-Star/NBA Prospect Eric Griffin Charged With Attempted Murder

Former D-League All-Star & Dallas Mavericks player Eric Griffin and another guy were arrested last Friday on attempted murder charges after they both fired shots outside of an apartment building at a third guy in Orlando Florida. 

Via ComplexSports:

“Griffin, 25, and Daquan Lundy, 23, are accused of shooting at a man identified as Treavor Glover, 24, outside of an apartment building in Orlando, Florida. Glover claims that two men with significantly different heights—Griffin is listed at 6-foot-9, while his alleged accomplice is reportedly 5-foot-7—approached him, with the taller man firing two shots at him and the shorter man firing one. He told police he tried to flee the scene after the initial rounds were fired but claims he tripped when one of the men fired four shots from a close distance, with one scraping Glover on the forehead. Glover does not believe it was a robbery attempt.”

Glover spoke with police after the incident and stated this attempted murder might be related to his girlfriend’s brother, Gino Nicolas being killed on April 16 and rumors flew that he was friends with the shooter.

“Nicolas, a 24-year-old local youth leader, was killed in a drive-by shooting on April 16 about seven miles from where Glover was reportedly attacked. A total of six individuals were shot in that incident, a group that included Lundy. Griffin was reportedly close friends with Nicolas, as well.”

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