Manu Ginobili Also Committed a Foul On Dion Waiters’ Inbound Pass (Pics)

Manu Ginobili Line Violation

Everyone is talking about how Dion Waiters should have been called for a foul for elbowing Manu Ginobili while inbounding the ball with 13.5 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter of Game 2 on Monday. But how about the violation that Manu Ginobili committed before receiving an elbow from Waiters?

According to NBA rules, a defender is not to step on the boundary line while defending an inbound pass.

As per Rule No. 12, Section II, #5, a delay-of-game will be called for the following:

A defender crossing the boundary line prior to the ball being released on a throw-in.

And here’s how a delay-of-game is dealt with during the final two minutes of regulation:

In the last two minutes of the fourth period and last two minutes of any overtime period, a technical foul will be assessed if the defender crosses or breaks the plane of the boundary line when an offensive player is in a position to inbound and prior to the ball being released on a throw-in.

A closer look at the play shows that Ginobili was clearly on the line—which may explain why Waiters had to elbow him, in order to get himself enough room to make a pass.  The Spurs guard should have been called for a delay-of-game, but was not:

So I guess both non-calls cancel each other out? Can we move on now?

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