NFL Warns Players Not to Eat Meat in Mexico or China Because They Pump the Animals Full of PEDs

duane brown nfl warns players not to eat meat in mexico or china

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The NFL has warned players not to eat too much meat while visiting Mexico and China because it may contain clenbuterol, a muscle-building and weight-loss stimulant that is banned under the league’s PED policy.

The warning is based on first-hand experience. Houston Texans tackle Duane Brown went to Mexico last season during a bye-week and apparently ate a bunch of Mexican beef. When he came home he tested positive for clenbuterol.

Fortunately for Brown a months-long investigation determined that it was an honest mistake, so he won’t get a 10-game suspension. That won’t be the case going forward. If the NFL doesn’t take a hardline stance, players could cover up their intentional doping by taking a trip to Mexico and claiming they just forgot.

Here’s the NFL’s memo to players in its entirety:

This is not the first time Mexican clenbuterol meat has caused trouble for elite athletes. In 2011 five players on the Mexican national soccer team tested positive for clenbuterol, and tainted meat was determined to be the cause. And at the 2011 U-17 World Cup, which was also held in Mexico, FIFA found that over half of all players tested positive for traces of clenbuterol.

The lesson here? If you’re not a pro athlete and you want to bulk up and lose weight, take a trip to Mexico and eat lots of beef.

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